Master Pieces

From the Dust

 Oil on canvas
175 x 226 and 175 x 90 cm  
Total size 175 x 316 cm

Out of the dark, the Word who was in the beginning with God.  "All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.  In Him was life, and the life was the light of men".  Coming out of the earth and the water is the product of God’s Word: all the animals; trees; birds; and all the living creatures of the oceans and rivers.
Heaven's Reign

 Oil on canvas
122 x 92 cm

Before the apparition of anything we have been alive in a system controlled by a kingdom where everything originates.
The matter of life is not what we see as what we see is a direct result from what is unseen.
Before the earth was formed, and humans were on the planet, the end was known.
The life cycle of humans and nations are a constant rotation of life and death, rise and fall.  The boasting of scientists, philosophers, religion, rulers are all subject to the same cycle.
The laws set by that kingdom are irrevocable; like the law of sowing and reaping, no human being has walked the earth twice, and none has remained alive and did not die.
Boundaries we cannot cross; food we all have to eat, air we all have to breath, water we all have to drink, the earth we all need to live.