Master Pieces

I AM is a series of 12 panels of oil on canvas; each canvas measures 1.5 x 2.1m, giving a total size of 18m long by 2.1m high.
The title “I AM” comes from the invisible, something who is and hasn’t been made and has always existed.  The main body of the painting is our planet with it’s transformation through time, as we all know our universe started with the Big Bang and after the Big Bang, we saw the development of galaxies, stars, planets etc.
This painting starts with the forces behind the Big Bang. Movement is synonymous with life. Without life, there is no movement; a dead person cannot move; for a stone to smash a glass window – it needs to be projected, either by a person, or by the wind, which itself represents life. Life comes in all different forms; visible, like the trees; or invisible to the naked eye, like microbes; for there to have been a Big Bang there has to have been a life force behind the Bang.
The description of life is fully understood with death.  Life without death is eternal. Death is the cessation of any activity.  Through scientific research, there has been a big discovery about the life and death of stars.  Every living thing is subject to the same process, life and death. 
The painting describes the life in our planet, including its beginning and its end.  It’s Alpha and it’s Omega.  Starting from behind the Big Bang, entering in our universe, which is much larger than the human mind can truly comprehend. After the distance of our neighbouring stars our minds stop understanding the extent of our solar system, but what cannot be comprehended can still be demonstrated.
Coming out of our solar system is the earth, first empty and unformed.  After the first rain, life appears through vegetation, volcanic movement, trees, water, and the progression of animals from dinosaurs, birds, reptiles, mammals, humans.  In the middle of the painting, comes the different stages of human civilisation, being the centre of a huge transformation of the landscape: the disappearance of nature and natural resources; the complete destruction of the core of the earth which is the main source of its own life; leading our earth to great revolt, causing earthquakes, Tsunamis, hurricanes, drought, flooding and all sorts of natural disasters. 
Following that human ego of civilisation and path of no return, to our greatest technology achievements and supernatural intelligence and so called power. This leads us to build more power plants and gas pipes, and digging every corner of the earth, which is the only place designed for humans to dwell in; to send with no control or supervision, different spaceships and satellites out of our planet, causing instead a huge dump of wreckage in the atmosphere.  That, in return will specifically be the end of our own existence. Reflecting the circle of life, the cause and effect, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, life and death.
  1. Painting 1
    Painting 1
  2. Painting 2
    Painting 2
  3. Painting 3
    Painting 3
  4. Painting 4
    Painting 4
  5. Painting 5
    Painting 5
  6. Painting 6
    Painting 6
  7. Painting 7
    Painting 7
  8. Painting 8
    Painting 8
  9. Painting 9
    Painting 9
  10. Painting 10
    Painting 10
  11. Painting 11
    Painting 11
  12. Painting 12
    Painting 12