Master Pieces

Out of History's Foundation
 Out of History’s Foundation -  10 metres long x 171cm – oil on canvas 

Part 1 – The Multidimensional Universe
Since the beginning, the mystical and interconnection of humans and their source has created a multidimensional philosophy and thinking using everything surrounding us in the universe and the parallel universe to get a glimpse of where we came from, or God.
The foundation and the interconnection from our body, spirit and soul, to the outer-space and the invisible, has been the main focus of humanity throughout all history. 
They have defined our body to be composed of the four main elements – water, fire, wind and earth; then to the spirit, they looked up and had no other explanation than to attribute to the higher being – our creator, or God. 
Although science in the 19 century has denied the existence of God, it has now caught up through quantum science and physics.
Since creation, nothing has really changed. 
Every activity involving humans on this planet leans in the satisfaction of our own desire.  By transforming our environment and the landscape on the earth we think to have evolved in knowledge where all those activities are purely materialistic.
A plane to transport us faster, a computer to connect us quicker, a robot to help with daily activities.  But the reality is our body is provided for our earthly life where dwells our eternal spirit and soul – through which the connection with our creator is the only quencher of our thirst.  Death being the key of this search.
If humans were to live forever on earth, there could have been no need for God, neither the study of the universe, the stars, the sun, planets or religion, which our ancestors have been involved in from day 1 and passed on the desire to our generation.
But, ignorant of it, we think being different than they were or being a better kind of human; caused by the proliferation of false philosophy and the division in time, introducing words such as civilisation or ancient. 
Everything was perfect in the beginning, and all generations have been regulated under the same laws set in the universe from the beginning, meaning there is nothing new under the sun. 
Out of history’s foundation painting is the cycle of thousands of years world-wide civilisation which has shaped our earth in the time of our ancestors.
Part 2 – Origin of the Horoscope
History should be in relation to everything that has been in the past.  But unfortunately the rise and fall of civilisations, the plagiarism, burning of documentation, devastation of civilisations and the hypocrisy of men has created a misrepresentation and a complete denial of other civilisations – calling them ancient while they are still in our midst and affect every arena of our thinking today.
Into this second part appears the horoscope of Horus, a large stone ceiling sculpture – the only witness of the oldest horoscope – the study of the universe in a cycle of thousands of years describing everything we are still believing today in religion, the study of the universe, the stars, the seasons, the time; in a deeper method.
Just like Jesus is the beginning of the time in our era, Horus was the beginning of time and the horoscope.   
Part 3 - The Flat Earth
Out of History’s Foundation Part 3 is the continuity of the exploration into the earth’s foundation.  Not like today where we use manmade machines, to calculate and determine our feelings; our ancestors were naturally and spiritually describing the visual and the mystical.   In their time, the earth was described to be flat, surrounded by a firmament and a dome above.   
No one has been successful in reaching every single part that exists on the earth; like most of the Antarctica, where humans have never explored; the jungle where we are still finding mysteries; the deepest bore-hole to measure the depth of the earth’s core has not yet exceeded 20 Km; and no satellite has ever been able to take a photo of the entire earth.
The wisdom of our ancestors has permitted them to draw the first world map successfully and everything in the universe, including the calendar. 
  1. Part 1 - The Multidimensional Universe
    Part 1 - The Multidimensional Universe
  2. Part 2 - Origin of the Horoscope
    Part 2 - Origin of the Horoscope
  3. Part 3 - The Flat Earth
    Part 3 - The Flat Earth
  4. Part 4 - The Parallel Universe
    Part 4 - The Parallel Universe