Master Pieces

The Ancestral Spirit
The Ancestral Spirit – 10 metres x 175 cm – oil on canvas

There is no record in history of different races and civilisations originating from the same place. The history of Africa, where everything originates is the most misunderstood and hidden to every generation.  Often, history is passed through elders but the main-stream history has been told by children who rose up to power 2000 years ago and as yet not known even their own origin; which, surprisingly started in Greece, taking stories and documents from Africa, Egypt and being known all over the world today as being the starting point of civilisation, while in Greece, there was only a few points of reference.  Despite all the visible evidence in museums and on the ground, the biggest civilisation known to mankind in Africa, Egypt has no famous philosophers, scientists, engineers and physicians promoted as being the authors of history.  Libraries have been burnt, machinery and technology stolen and all the writings taken away, only the tombs and the dry bones are shown to the public. 
But as long as the seed of those who brought the civilisation is, greatness will be back.  The first will be the last and the last the first. 
Worse than a natural catastrophe, the dismantling and reputation that have been poured into the entire continent and is still activated through images, exploitation, media and false philosophy, of Africa; the very continent that has provided, and is still providing, most of the good things the whole world is enjoying today.
The title, Out of Africa, is a genetic code, passed through generations of spiritual activities to enlighten and awaken the future generations , to bring back what was (harmony) not in Africa Egypt, but all over the world. 
  1. Part 1 - Earth
    Part 1 - Earth
  2. Part 2 -  Water
    Part 2 - Water
  3. Part 3 -  Wind
    Part 3 - Wind
  4. Part 4 - Fire
    Part 4 - Fire